An Introductory Note from the Editor

A scholarly journal has long been a dream of leaders of TACUSPA, at least dating back to 1988. However, concerns about cost, quality, and purpose have deterred a successful launch of such a journal. Until now.

The online journal before your eyes is here because of the incredible leadership of the TACUSPA board and the visionary, sacrificial work of the Student Affairs On Campus editorial board. If you run into any of these folks, please thank them.

A TACUSPA journal can tie members and colleagues together. Members who read the same publication can discuss articles with one another, exploring what they are learning and thinking about. It also creates a needed outlet for these talented professionals, faculty members, and graduate students to share the good work they are doing. Too much of our work is left unshared with the greater community of scholar-practitioners.

In short, we hope that Student Affairs On Campus helps scholar-practitioners in their work for college students.  

As with all new endeavors, we want to hear what you like about this journal and your ideas to make it better (you can use the contact form located here). 

Happy reading, thinking, and doing,

Rishi Sriram, Ph.D.