Note from the Editor

Jeffrey Jackson, Ed.D., TACUSPA Director of Research

Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

Volume 3 is finally complete! I love how education research allows you to discover and inform while standing on the shoulders of giants.  TACUSPA is a unique and special organization.  It brings together scholars and practitioners, vice president and grad student.  In that diverse mix of professionals, great collaborations and discoveries can be formed. 

Dr. Rishi Sriram built a great foundation with the first two volumes of Student Affairs on Campus, but with volume 3 we wanted to move it forward.  With the editorial board, we worked to move the journal to a peer-review review process.  The editorial board drafted submission guidelines, and over 20 TACUSPA members volunteered to review journal manuscripts. Additionally, the journal now has an ISSN (2572-5009) number issued by the Library of Congress.

Volume 3. is the only volume of the journal I will be overseeing, but I am excited to see what the new editor Dr. Jennifer Edwards does next.  You can support Jennifer by volunteering to review manuscripts and submit your research or book review.