A Note from the Editor

I am excited to present the newest issue of the TACUSPA Journal (Student Affairs on Campus). This issue of the journal is focused on relationships. These relationships range from students/university relationships to student/society relationships. As you explore the fourth issue of this journal, think about how higher education professionals can help students form deeper relationships within their college/university community. This journal brings together higher education faculty, staff, students, and administrators. In that diverse mix of professionals, great collaborations and discoveries can be formed.

Dr. Rishi Sriram built a great foundation with the first two volumes of Student Affairs on Campus. The third edition of the journal moved the the scholarly process forward with a peer-review review process. Finally, the fourth edition of the journal introduces a multifaceted approach for readers to discover Texas-based higher education research through a blog format, an electronic comprehensive journal, and finally a print version that will be available on Amazon. The journal’s ISSN (2572-5009) number issued by the Library of Congress.

Please contact me if you are interested in reviewing manuscripts or submit your research or book review.  

*The TACUSPA Journal (Student Affairs on Campus) is also accepting short submissions (using the form below) for a special section of the journal!


Dr. Jennifer T. Edwards

Director of Research & Editor - Student Affairs on Campus

(@drjtedwards- jtedwards@tarleton.edu)