New Scholarship

Raider Ready: An Integrated Model for Freshman Seminar at Texas Tech University

Patrick C. Hughes, Juan S. Munoz, Wes Condray, and Tasha Fowler


This essay advances the argument that freshman seminars that effectively combine academic and student affairs have higher retention and persistence rates. To support this argument, a concise review of relevant literature concerning the theoretical framework, historical roots, and typical structure of freshman seminar programs is discussed. Additionally, this essay’s rationale is proposed, bolstered by a discussion of the limitations of most current freshman seminar programs. Emphasis is placed on how the freshman seminar program at Texas Tech University (i.e., IS 1100, Raider Ready) addresses these limitations. Specifically, a review of empirical data that supports Raider Ready’s effectiveness is discussed. Thereafter, the paper concludes with suggestions for other schools who wish to employ similar freshman programs.